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Assassin’s Creed figures || series 3

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video game series: ASSASSIN’S CREED (2007)
a l t a i r i b n - l a ’ a h a d

i do not accept your apology because you are not the same man who went with me into solomon’s temple. so you have nothing to a p o l o g i z e f o r

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I love video games because you’re always on an important quest that is very time limited but you can dick around places for as long as you want like yeah sure my sister has been kidnapped but I need to spend three hours exploring this dungeon to make sure I don’t miss any treasure

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AC Unity Concept Art

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Assassin’s Creed: Quote Posters

By Dylan Frim

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My friend, from up here, it looks like the whole village is trying to kill you!

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do you ever just stop and think about your obsession with something and say to yourself “oh man, i’m in too deep

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people are worried about finding a fly or a hair in their soup and it’s like dude there are people out there who put dicks in their mouths and lick asshole and ya’ll are worried about a hair

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do you ever have a notp that you antiship so hard that you actually get nauseous when people mention it


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